Automotive, Mechanical, Aviation, etc.

Long before there were personal computers, smartphones, tablet computers and all of the other technical marvels of our day, there were cars, trucks, aircraft and other marvels of the slide-rule era. Ever since I was old enough to say the word “car,” I have been a “car guy”. The home in which I spent my early childhood was not far from the municipal airport and whenever the wind came in from the east, small airliners (probably Convair 240s and their derivatives) would fly over our yard as they were preparing to land. U.S. Route 63 was not within sight of this home, but in certain weather conditions it was within earshot and I recall mentally hitchhiking with the semis that whizzed past, their tires whining. On Sunday nights, there were stock-car races held nearby and the sound of these bellowing, unmuffled jalopies suggested that there were cars even more exciting than my dad’s ’49 Chrysler.

So, from some of my earliest memories, transportive devices have been a part of my life and have held my fancy. From the junkers my dad drove during the lean years, to an unexpected encounter with a Ferrari Testarossa; from my first ride in a Cessna 172, through to my earning a private pilot’s certificate, to taking a 747 for a hop via the full-motion simulator at an airline facility; from daydreaming about semis as a child to a deliberately short career driving haz-mat into copper mines in creaky old Kenworths, transportive devices have informed and enriched my life. Along the way, I’ve developed some insights and these will form the framework for this sub-site. Test, test, test.

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