Advertising In Its Various Revisions

Let’s start with Freud Freud believed that within all of us were impulses that had to be controlled by something or someone external to the individual. As is so often the case, if language is manipulated then the groundwork is in place to manipulate behavior. If the inner workings of our minds could be characterized […]

What’s In A Context?

High Context vs Low Context Anthropologist Edward T. Hall wrote a book entitled Beyond Culture in 1976. It defined the concepts of low context and high context cultures. While I’m not an anthropologist, I find these concepts quite interesting and quite illuminating with regard to my own life experience. Simply defined, high context cultures rely […]

What Insight Did Tom Sawyer Possess?

Can a picket fence teach human behavior, or does that require an author? The book Tom Sawyer is a classic and is relevant today as the day it was written. Like many other successful creative properties, it works because it holds a mirror up to us as individuals and to human society in general. It’s appeal […]