Fat Cat Cars

When I was in my late teens I became friends with a peer who’s father was a highly paid tradesman; working a steady job at a local newspaper, keeping the presses going during the nightly production run. Their home was nicer than average, but not opulent. The driveway, however, was a different story. In the driveway was […]

Something gained, something lost

Communication has changed drastically over where it was 25 years ago, and 25 years ago the same statement would have been just as true. Actually, one could easily say the same thing any time in the last 175 years or so. Telegraph, telephone, primitive radio restricted to Morse Code and developed radio which allowed both […]

Two Habits Of Highly Ineffective People

Although I am by profession a techie, even I am in the people business. In between life and death battles with networks and misanthropic file servers, I spend a great deal of time dealing with people. End users, colleagues within my department, tech support people and vendors. Preponderantly, these interactions are pleasant, even upbuilding, but […]

What Did I Learn About Weight Control?

Blame it on height According to my scale, my weight is perfect, but I am several inches too short. If I could become taller without gaining weight my physique would be perfect. Perhaps the real problem is the coffee I drank as a kid somehow stunted my growth. But, in the real world, I simply […]